Sex products liquid silicone rubber
  • Sex products liquid silicone rubber

  • Product Description: Sex products silicone rubber is a kind of addition liquid silicone and nontoxic food grade silicone material, with soft, deformation and durability advantages. By the a and b components for liquid rubber composition, fast curing curing at room temperMORE
Chest pad silicone rubber
  • Chest pad silicone rubber

  • Product Description: Chest pad silicone is a low viscosity adhesive gel like transparent two-component addition-type silicone, can be cured at room temperature or heat curing, has the characteristics of high temperature curing faster. In the curing reaction does not produMORE
Life casting silicone rubber
  • Life casting silicone rubber

  • Product Description: The Using ofLife casting silicone rubber Humanmoldsilicone,highviscosity,ismainlyused forbrushingonthebodysurfaceinordertogetsiliconemold. Tobulkcopytocreatebodyprostheses,breasts,sextoys,masks,body,human,humanskinmodels,models,periosteum,chestpad, eMORE
Simulation of human skin silicone rubber
  • Simulation of human skin silicone rubber

  • Product Description: Human skin silicone skin is jelly liquid, after curing into a soft, elastic material, human body nonpoisonous and tasteless silicone food grade materials, environmental protection, through the FDA certification.MORE
Silicone Rubber for Artificial Breast
  • Silicone Rubber for Artificial Breast

  • Product Description: Silicone rubber for artificial breast is addition cure silicone rubber based on medical grade certificated for sexy toys sex dolls. MORE
 sex doll silicone rubber
  • sex doll silicone rubber

  • Product Description: Sex silicone doll rubber is a kind of nearly-colorless translucent fluid. It is used for sex toys, body organs, body breast enhancers, shoulder pads,etc.MORE
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