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Shoe mold making silicone rubber
  • Shoe mold making silicone rubber

  • Product Description: Shoe mold silicone rubber is a two-component liquid silicone rubber, designed for shoe sole mold making, fast curing, low shrinkage, good mobility and so on.MORE
Foot Care Silicone Rubber
  • Foot Care Silicone Rubber

  • Product Description: foot care silicone rubber is mainly used for lifecasting such as silicone insole,silicone hands,silicone legs,silicone fingers,silicone skin,silicone sex doll,silicone breast,silicone bra, etc.MORE
Silicone Rubber for Shoe Insole
  • Silicone Rubber for Shoe Insole

  • Product Description: Liquid two component rtv silicone rubber for making shoe insole is a kind of addition cure silicone rubber, which specially used for making silicone chiropody’s products, silicone gel foot health products, therapeutic silicone insole and siliconMORE
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