LED electronic potting molding silicone rubber
  • LED electronic potting molding silicone rubber

  • Product Description: LED electronic potting silicone is a two-component liquid silicone designed LED, electronic encapsulation of PCB products, play the role of waterproof earthquakeMORE
Pad Printing silicone rubber
  • Pad Printing silicone rubber

  • Product Description: Pad printing silicone is printing plastic raw materials. Primarily through printing ink for printing on the surface of the silicone products, text, graphics and images, are now becoming an important specialty printing. Red pad printing silicone oils wMORE
 Electronic Potting Compound Silicone
  • Electronic Potting Compound Silicone

  • Product Description: Electronic Potting Compound Silicone Characteristics: HY-2 SeriesElectronic Potting Compound Silicone arecondensationsiliconepottingcompoundintwopartswiththe characteristicsoflowviscosity,easypouringoperation,andgoodbondingfeature.ItcanbecuredcompletMORE
Encapsulant and potting silicone
  • Encapsulant and potting silicone

  • Product Description: HY210 is a type of two-component encapsulation silicone cured at room temperature.It works on the surface of material as PC(Poly-carbonate),ABS,PP,PVC as to its superior bonding feature. MORE
  • HY-215

  • Product Description: Usage of the encapsulant silicone: -Applying for the surface of PC (Poly-carbonate), PP, ABS, PV, photovoltaic cell, PVC, metal, etc. -Encapsulation for protection of general electronic module, electronic components -Insulation, waterproofMORE
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