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The Process for Pouring Silicone Mold Making
  • The Process for Pouring Silicone Mold Making

  • Product Description: Silicone ElastomerMORE
Silicone Elastomer Supplier
  • Silicone Elastomer Supplier

  • Product Description: Hong Ye Silicone Elastomer Supplier is primarily intended for poly resin crafts, PU crafts, PU resin crafts ,gypsum crafts ,unsaturated resin crafts, lighting and candles crafts ,plastic toy , stationery gifts crafts industry, etc.MORE
Addition-cured Trademark Liquid Silicone
  • Addition-cured Trademark Liquid Silicone

  • Product Description: Description of Addition-cured Trademark Liquid Silicone: It is room temperature addition-cured liquid silicone rubber with low viscosity,which has all kinds of the advantages and features of addition cured silicone. Application of Addition-cured TradMORE
Rapid Prototyping Silicone Rubber
  • Rapid Prototyping Silicone Rubber

  • Product Description: Rapid Prototyping Silicone Rubber HY-E640 DESCRIPTION : Prototype design silicone rubber HY-E640 is a kind of two-component addition silicone rubber , consisted of lowable liquid part A and B. which can be cured at room temperature or heated temperatMORE
Tire Molding Silicone Rubber
  • Tire Molding Silicone Rubber

  • Product Description: Tire molding silicone rubber is a kind of moldmaking liquid silicone, either condensation cure silicone rubberMORE
Stone Sculpture Molding Silicone
  • Stone Sculpture Molding Silicone

  • Product Description: Stone Sculpture Molding Silicone is easy to use MORE
Electronic potting silicone rubber
  • Electronic potting silicone rubber

  • Product Description: First, the using of CPU thermal silicone rubber Widely used in electronic equipment , communications equipment , power supplies , circuit boards and other areas in order to improve the reliability of electronic components and increases its service liMORE
Tire mold silicone rubber
  • Tire mold silicone rubber

  • Product Description: the application of tire molding silicone rubber Tiring siliconetwo-componentroom temperaturevulcanizationsilicone rubber, intocondensationandadditionoftwo,specializedformworkfortires,tiresandaluminumdiecasting,precisionmolds, such assilica gelmold,moMORE
Resin diamond molding silicone rubber
  • Resin diamond molding silicone rubber

  • Product Description: The application of Injection Silicone Rubber: InjectionSilicone Rubber isatransparentadditiontypesiliconemold, which could be used toshapeaverycomplexproductandhighprecisionproductmold, isthepreferredplaneandspecialsolidresindiamondcopymouldrubber. IMORE
Shoe mold making silicone rubber
  • Shoe mold making silicone rubber

  • Product Description: Shoe mold silicone rubber is a two-component liquid silicone rubber, designed for shoe sole mold making, fast curing, low shrinkage, good mobility and so on.MORE
Manual Silicone Rubber
  • Manual Silicone Rubber

  • Product Description: Manual Silicone Rubber is a two-component silicone material, is a kind of silicone mold,which by the a and b components for liquid silicone composition for silicone materials a, b as hardener, mixing also warmed fast curing at room temperature curing.MORE
Candy mold making silicone rubber
  • Candy mold making silicone rubber

  • Product Description: Food grade silicone mold which has FDA I, devoted to food mold manufacturing, such as chocolate, sugar artists, cake, biscuits and so on.MORE