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How to Use Injection Molding Silicone Rubber?

1)Firstly, customer should have an injection machine(plastic injection machine can not used for injection silicone rubber).

2)The injection machine has two tubes for part A and part B, after hydraulic extrusion, the silicone rubber from A and B mixed

evenly in the same tube, then it's be ready for injection molding. The temperature of mold after extrude will be about 150-180℃.



-Small products(earphone, silicone breast, sex products)0-10 shore A.

-Small O-rings 30 shore A, big O-rings 50 shore A, (driving device, medical tube)40-50 shore A, silicone keypad 50 shore A(made

from 40 shore A to 70 shore A), high pressure O-rings 50 shore A, Kitchenware handle 50-60 shore A

-Sports equipment 60-70 shore A, special products 80 shore A(sony camera frame, silicone locating plug)

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