• Product Name:

    RTV-2 Silicone Rubber for Statues

  • Product No:

    HY-630, HY-635

  • Brand:

    HY silicone rubber

  • Product Usage:

    Rtv2 silicone rubber is white flowing liquid with general hardness of 25-40 shore A.

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RTV-2 Silicone Rubber for Statues Application:
RTV-2 Silicone Rubber for Statues is primarily intended for mold making of gypsum, concrete, poly resin ,PU

resin, unsaturated resin crafts, lighting and candles crafts , plastic toys , stationery gifts crafts industry, large statue,

Buddha, relievo furniture, furniture decorative materials, statues Buddha, artifacts copied, building decoration materials,

large-scale cement mold, artificial fossils Factory, European  buildings, simulation landscapes, animals and plants

sculpture, sandstone crafts and so on.

RTV-2 Silicone Rubber for Statues Features:
RTV-2 Silicone Rubber for Statues is white or red flowing liquid with general hardness of 25-40 shore A ,after

curing. Molding silicon rubber is a kind elastic silicon rubber mold which features with resistance to deformation,

high-temperature, acid-alkali and expansion as well as high reproduction times, good tensile strength ,tear strength

and elongation.

RTV-2 Silicone Rubber for Statues Datasheet:


RTV-2 Silicone Rubber for Statues Description:
RTV-2 Silicone Rubber for Statues is a kind of flowable liquid silicone, the quality has nothing to do with the color.

It consists of two components. Part A is a flowable liquid silicone rubber, part B is the curing agent. Firstly, after your

previous work of dealing with the original model, take some liquid silicone rubber , add 2%-3% curing agent of the

amount of silicon, and mix them evenly. Then after vacuum-pumping the mixture, you can pour it into the mold frame.

The silicone mold will cured in 2-4 hours.

And more curing agent is needed; contrarily, if molds requiring slower drying and demould, less curing agent is needed.


RTV-2 Silicone Rubber for Statues frequently asked question:
Why does the silicone mold appear to be dry outside but wet inside?
Because molding silicone rubber is a kind of condensation silicone rubber, which get solidified after absorbing

moisture from the air. In order to provide a significant shelf-life for the silicon rubber, we will dry out the water in the

silicon rubber.
Solution: Add 0.05% water into the silicon rubber and Stir over a low speed briefly when you use it.


RTV-2 Silicone Rubber for Statues Package:
1kg/ drum, 20kg/drum, 25kg/drum, 200kg/drum are available for you

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