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    HY912 Pad printing silicone rubber

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HY912 is characterized by fine quality, extreme purity, good elasticity, easy to catch printing ink, desired printing effects. It is made of top-quality raw material due to adding American Dupont Teflon new material. The product is mainly applicable to crafts or gifts, electroplating products, electronic toys, trademarks or  irregular pattern printing. The silicone ink transfer pad serves as a carrier to transfer  the patterns on the steel plate onto the toy products' surface with high quality printing ink.
1)High temperature resistance
2)Good printing effect
3)Good resilience with high print times
4)Excellent abrasion resistance
5)Permanent and durable

Standard Datasheet:

Model Appearance Viscosity (cps) Hardness (A°) Tensile strength (Mpa) Tear strength (KN/m) Elongation (%) Mixing ratio(%) Pot life (H) Demould time(H)
912 red / yellow 
/ green / white
32000+3000/-5000 30±2 4.0+1/-0.3 25+5/-2 ≥310 2~3 0.5 2~4

The reasons why sometimes the tampo print pad turns out to be nondurable:
A. There is no problem with our product. Maybe there are some impurities in the silicone liquid, or hadn't make the container completely clean, which will do great harm to the quality of the printing pad.
B. Remember that you should not add too much silicone oil. Excessive additive amount will make the pad very weak.  
C. For patterns of different size, you need adjust the size of your silicone pad, otherwise leading to a short life. The most suitable size ratio of the pad and the target pattern is 3 : 1, which you should well keep in mind.

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