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    HY918 Pad printing silicone rubber

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HY918 with the advantages of abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, good printing effect, etc. The curing type is condensation system. Our product is mainly applicable to plastics toys, electroplating products, electronic toys, trademarks and products with irregular pattern. The silicone pad is a medium which transfer patterns on the steel plate onto the electronic toy products' surface. the silicone pad can be suitable for many kinds of surface, not only plain and smooth surface, for it is very soft and of good resilience.

1)High temperature resistance
2)Good printing effect
3)Good resilience with high print times 
4)Excellent abrasion resistance
5)Permanent and durable
Standard Datasheet:

Model Appearance Viscosity (cps) Hardness (A°) Tensile strength (Mpa) Tear strength (KN/m) Elongation (%) Mixing ratio(%) Pot life (H) Demould time(H)
918 red / yellow 
/  white
32000+3000/-5000 30±2 4.2+1/-0.3 26+4/-2 ≥290 2~3 0.5 2~4

How to make pad printing elastomers?
First of all, prepare a mould intended for making printing pads. Also you need a glass rod, a mixing glass cup at hand. Before you start, you need to clean the mould with detergent, drying it.Then, spray a thin and even layer of release agent on the inner surface of the mould so that you can have a convenient demoulding operation.From now on, you can start the moulding operation. Be careful when you add the silicone oil to change the hardness of the pad, for too much silicone oil will damage the pad.

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