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Tin catalyzed silicone


Tin catalyzed silicone Description
Tin catalyzed silicone is two-part silicone rubber that vulcanizes at room temperature. Part A is a flowable liquid, part B is

the curing agent(tin catalyst).


Tin catalyzed silicone Application
It is intended for for making molds for gypsum, GRC, concrete, resin products, artificial stone, cornice, column, balustrade,



Tin catalyzed silicone Characteristic
1.An exceptional fluidity and good operalility, easy to demold
2.Cures at room temperature within 3-4 hours
3.Good tensile and tear strength, low shrinkage(<0.3%)
4.High duplication times(e.g.800-1000 times for gypsum products)
5.Good resistance to weather, temperature, aging, acid


Tin catalyzed silicone Packaging
Tin catalyzed silicone is available in 5kg, 25kg and 200kg containers.
Curing agent is available in 0.25kg, 1kg, 5kg and 25kg containers. 

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