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A Fierce Tug-of-war is Going on in September!

        On the 6th of September, a fierce Tug-of-war was held between the Sales Department.


Tug-of-war is an interesting and meaningful sport. The players in the wide arena are rubbing their hands,
as if itching to drag the opposite side in front of their own face immediately. Look at the
colleagues around,
all with burning blood, as if they also want to participate in.


Tug-of-war is not only popular in China, but in many other countries. For a tug-of-war match, we need a
long thick rope. Each team stands at one end of the rope, holding it. Then they try to pull the center of the rope,
marked in the ground towards each of their own sides. The team which succeeds in pulling the center of the
rope away through a certain distance is the winner.


From this sport, we learned that, as a member of the team, everyone should obey the arrangements and decision-making. 
Everyone moving in
 the same direction and goals, to get successful more quickly.

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